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Find your sound identity with UTOPI STUDIO! Whether in the field of advertising or sound design, we will convince you.  

We offer you the possibility of carrying out your advertising from A to Z: 
-     An announcer (the voice-over);
    writing or improving your ad;
    a wide choice of sounds and music that can be modified ;
    the mixing as well as the mastering of your product.  

You are looking for an achievement in sound design to personalize your messages! We can do it too. Get your sound logo to assert the identity of your business. UTOPI STUDIO conceptualizes your project using powerful tools such as high quality sound banks capable of responding to all types of requests. We can also, for your project, perform instrument sound recording in the studio.
The audio master of our television spots is European standard R128. Thus, we give you the guarantee of having an audio master in accordance with the technical standards and ready to be broadcast.


The configuration of UTOPI STUDIO is ideal for working from sound to image. Our premises are equipped with a 5.1 mixing system as well as two screens installed respectively in the control room and in the recording room. UTOPI STUDIO is favorable to all your audiovisual projects.   From dubbing to sound effects through the production of your music, we are able to take on all positions related to sound post-production. Enhance your audiovisual productions by opening the way to the 3D sound universe. Thanks to 5.1, bring a new sound dimension to your cinema advertising projects.   Let UTOPI STUDIO be part of your team with its Genesys Black mixer suitable for 5.1 mixing and Pro Tools HD sound ideal for post-production.

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UTOPI STUDIO combines comfort for the artist and professional quality for its product. We provide you with a sound recording room equipped with a stable acoustics system. In addition, you benefit from a space and a comfort allowing the live recording of a whole group.  

At UTOPI STUDIO, we value the artist. Thus, artistic coaching is set up for any musician or singer who wishes it. The main objective of our coaching is to establish a climate of trust between the artist and his sound engineer. It also consists in taking the time to work on possible difficulties in the interpretation and to improve your performances in the studio.  

At all times, UTOPI STUDIO aims for productivity, because it is the key word of a good studio session. It is for this reason that we make it a point of honor that the artist considers every moment spent in our premises as a growing experience.


Do you want to install a fix sound system for your location?

Utopi Studio is your consultant. We take care of drawing up the specifications according to your needs. Be guaranteed that your installation is operational on time thanks to the meticulous monitoring of our sound engineer.

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