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Studio news

Jonathan Dansicare and his live band!

It is with great pleasure that we opened the doors of the studio to Jonathan DANSICARE (vocals and bass), Andy AIMONTCHE (drums) and Edween MUDAY (keyboard).

A live session as we like it!

TV spot

Many thanks to CREATIV SÜN FILMS and ODE  for their trust!

In this video the voiceover recording, mixing and mastering were done at Utopi Studio.

The soundtrack is brought up to broadcast standards (R-128) and is ready to be broadcast on all televisions.

Design Sonore

Rafraichissement de l'identité sonore ! 

 L'ODE nous a aussi sollicité pour produire le nouveau design sonore de son logo !

Self-promotion service for Martinique la 1ère

Utopi Studio took care of the sound recording of voice over, the mixing as well as the mastering to the R-128 standards in force for the self-promotion service of Martinique la 1ère .

Thank you to France Télévision for its trust in our skills.

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