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AMS NEVE mixing console

Module  Neve - console.png

The Genesys Black is a latest generation console. It is the product of the famous manufacturer AMS Neve, one of the best manufacturers of audio equipment in the world. 

This hybrid console (analog / digital) opens up a very wide field of technical and artistic possibilities. Equipped with a total recall, it is able to easily travel between the different projects.

Productivity and efficiency are the hallmarks of the Genesys Black. Beyond its impeccable quality, it offers a perfect workflow for both sound recording and mixing. We therefore optimize working time in order to offer you the best service. This is why Utopi Studio has chosen the Genesys Black as the heart of its studio. 

Mixing in 5.1

Utopi Studio offers you the possibility of processing your productions in 5.1 format throughout the realization of your project, from design to mastering, including sound recording and mixing.

You benefit from the latest generation technology allowing to lead to a quality project. 

Whether in the cinematographic or advertising field, we are able to carry out a complete project in this format.

Give your advertising projects another dimension by allowing them to fully integrate the 5.1 system in cinemas.

Enhance your cinematographic projects by opening up to them the world of sound 3D.

Module 5.1 - Système.png

Processing equipment

Module de traitements - hardware_edited_edited.png

We work your product with the best of audio equipment. Our UAD plug-ins coupled with the Apollo 16 offer a formidable quality of processing. At Utopi Studio, discover or rediscover the notion of sound coloring with our AMS Neve, RUPERT, or SSL preamplifiers. Combine the best of analog and digital for your projects. 

Recording room

Come and record your sound in our recording room, a wonderful, friendly, air-conditioned space. It is designed to have controlled acoustics. This specificity gives it a much more natural sound than rooms with neutral acoustics. In addition, it is possible to record bands in live condition. Thus, thanks to its surface of 30 m² , we can received 5 to 6 musicians. The room is configured to handle up to twenty-four mono takes at the same time.  

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