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Your needs

We target your needs together:  

- Is it a live project with musicians or on the contrary a CAM project?

- What is the musical styles that will be included in your project?

- What is your budget?

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Sound recording

During the recording session in our beautiful room, the sound engineer offers you personalized support to get your best performance in the studio.

Editing & tuning

Editing consists of cleaning the takes (noises, parasites, clicks, etc.) and above all adjusting the placement of instruments and / or vocals over time when necessary.

The tunning  it is the tonal corrections for instruments or vocals when necessary.

Mixing & mastering

It's time to sculpt your sound, to give your music the artistic direction you want.  Mixing is a key step in music production.  

Once the mix has been validated by you, it's time to move on to mastering.

This last step is fundamental, it allows your sound to be within the listening standards of the music industry.  

They trusted us
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